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transform your Vision into Reality

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Hi, I am Ivy

I devoted my career in planning, execution and problem solving.

I enjoy innovating new ideas,

finding solutions among chaos,

turning ideas into reality.

I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals and feel accomplished.

Following my passion for strategy execution, I started ZL Consulting LLC to help you transform your vision into reality and deliver the business transformation that you desire.

Our Expertise

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Value Differentiation

We help you uncover your unique value proposition and map it to your target customer’s pain points. You are fully prepared to approach target customers strategically.

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Strategy Execution

Our proven strategy execution system helps you discover the fastest route to success. Keep team focus on high impact actions and visualize progress towards goals.

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Project Management

We help you realize your plan through consistent process, adaptive approach and accountability mindset.

Our mission

Our passion is to enable Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs to successfully transform your vision into reality and increase your competitive advantage

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Challenges we help solve

When the business is not reaching its growth goal,

You might wonder: “What is not working?”

The strategy?

The product or service we offer?

The people we have?

The truth is…
The problem is often in the STRATEGY EXECUTION.

Let me share with you TWO reasons in business strategy
that caused the lack of growth.

Results you can expect

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Accelerate business growth
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Increase competitive advantage
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Improve culture of accountability
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Establish priority, clarity and focus


Professional Business Consultants at ZL Consulting

ZL Consulting is a professional business consulting service focused on business strategy and process improvement. Our experts work with different organizations and startups to ensure that there is a sense of sustainability and improvement in overall structure.

How Can We Help?

Business consulting services are important to an organization because they allow for the prevention of errors and improvement in performance. Business consultants can help by advising senior executives on how to handle challenges that the company is facing, such as making improvements to strategies, procedures, and organizational structure. Business consultants may also be able to increase revenue and strategic planning, as well as determine whether a merger or acquisition would be beneficial.

ZL Consulting goes much further; we actively engage in programs and change initiatives to ensure new methods, processes and culture remain long after our engagement finishes. We pride ourselves in delivering long term value through short term, discrete and measurable outcomes.

Whether profit or non-profit, running a business is a challenge with a set of risks and benefits. ZL Consulting provides business strategy services that can help you manage risks associated with your processes. We focus on the execution of an organization's business strategy and introducing a methodology to analyze where inefficiencies exist and improve their effectiveness. In addition to our passion for strategy execution, we support our customers as change agents. We help teams to foster a culture of accountability which reinforces the long-term impact.

Services We Provide

Our team of experts have necessary experience to navigate through the processes and improve overall strategy execution. Our service expertise includes:

  • Startup consulting
  • Midsize consulting
  • Business strategies
  • Strategy execution
  • Value differentiation

We serve small to mid-size businesses across many industries and tailor our proven method to meet your goals.


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