2 REASONS business NOT reaching its growth goals ​

It is Q3, a lot of business leaders are facing the pressure of growth targets. When the business is not reaching the growth targets, Is it the strategy or the product/service you offered or the people?
The truth is: the problem is often in the execution. Let me share with you two main reasons I have seen in businesses that caused the lack of growth.

First one is: Focus. Execution is not being busy by doing everything and going after every idea you have. A successful execution starts by identifying the focus. What is the unique value that you are able to bring to your target customer? How to strategically approach the target customer so you stand out ? How to get the target customer choosing you over the others? The focus is where you can approach your target customers strategically and get maximum ROI on the time and effort invested.

Second one is: Accountability. You probably had trainings about skills or hired consultants to develop a flawless strategy plan. But people are not using the methods or tools as they should. That is the accountability part of the execution. How to get the team to focus on the outcome, behave with consistency and accountable for results? When the team is accountable to the results, the team is more likely to be successful; when the team is successful, the business is successful. This applies no matter you have 1 person on the team or 100 people.

How can I help? I take you through a 2 step approach to achieve goals.

First we need to be fully prepared to win. I take you though Value differentiation process to help you identify that focus. So you are fully prepared to deliver extraordinary value and experience to your target customer.
Ultimately, success comes from execution. Once you have done the preparation, you are ready for the 2nd step-execution. I take you through the ZL accountability System to execute the strategy. This program address the accountability in a holistic approach. It starts by creating a foundation to enable accountability with an effective structure; influencing the team with an accountability mindset; coaching individuals to work through roadblocks; motivating them with extraordinary results. In the end, what it does is that it changes the team’s behavior which leads to repeated success.

If you are growing new business, developing new customers, navigating through these unfamiliar territories, knowing that the current ways of doing business will not get you to your goals. This is where I can help.Click the link to schedule a free strategy call and let’s talk.