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Effective Project Team Work : understanding DISC profile

Do you know what is your leadership style? You might have heard of the DISC assessment. It is one of many tools to give you an idea of your leadership style and help you understand others. You can use DISC profile to understand yourself, see the blind spots, and to build effective team work by managing the communication towards their leadership style.
Are you someone who is leading with D style? Can you relate to some of the characteristics we mentioned such as being assertive, tasks driven?

If you are someone who is leading with I style, you are probably social and influential.
If you lead with a S style, you are the key person to preserve the organization culture.
If you care about details and accuracy, likely that you lead with C style.

They are all good leadership qualities. The assessment is not to pass or fail. It is to help you reflect and learn.

Most importantly, borrowing! borrow the leadership style from others. Learn the leadership skills which might benefit the environment you are in.

Be aware of your leadership style, and be aware of other’s styles. When you are taking actions as a leader, consider the difference and be inclusive.