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If you are in a presentation, discussion, meetings, you always want to get your messages through. The research said, the audience has the attention span of 30seconds.

Too much information; lack of structure; language barriers; too much filler words can all be reasons to lose your audience.

What are the better phrases to use? ✅Silence ✅”Please give me a second. “

When you are in a meeting trying to get your messages through, someone else dominates the discussion, does not stop talking. What do you do?

The polite way is to comment on the discussion and change the topic to GET YOUR MESSAGES THROUGH.

If you lose your audience, how do you get them back to pay attention to you?

Use sign language. What do I mean? Say things such as” This is the end of this topic. Next, I am going to show you … topic”.

When you need to buy a few seconds to put your thoughts together in conversations, we tend to say:” humm…..okay…so….great question….good point….”. Those are filler words with no meanings.

Lastly, prepare and practice! Get feedback and continue to improve.