I founded ZL consulting to help business achieve growth through value differentiation and strategy execution. I was very fortunately to be able to grow the business to 6 figures in the last year, which allows me to invest more back into the business and continue validate some of the methods and tools I am using. I recently did a Reset & Reflection month to gain clarity in my value differentiation. I want to share with you the formula that I have been following which helped me achieve the growth today and helped me get the results I wanted. If you are starting a new business or seeking tips for growth strategy, this will help you to find focus.

The formula I follow is: Purpose+Priority +Productivity=Results


Purpose requires clarity. It goes to the WHY. What is the purpose driving daily actions, energy, passion everyday? Get clarity of that one purpose. The purpose is the north star. It provides direction throughout the journey. And it helps re-energize me once in a while when I am frustrated or disappointed.

Priority :

“Do I need to do it at all?”

“Do I need to do it today?”

From the book “the ONE thing” it says:

Everything doesn’t matter equally in the world of achievement, and a to-do list doesn’t differentiate the important from unimportant: prioritize your tasks. No matter how many to-dos you start with, you can always narrow it to ONE”.

“80 percent of your results, or outputs, are always delivered by 20 percent of your work or inputs.”

“The ultimate success habit is asking the focusing question. That is, “What is the one thing I can do, such that by doing it, everything else will become easier or unnecessary?”. I answer this question in my morning accountability journal everyday.


Productivity starts from the morning routine. The mindset you set for the day has an important impact on your energy level and productivity. I start my morning with my accountability journal, reading, Planning the day; exercise; then start working. In my accountability journal, I set themes for the day. For example, today is “Creation day”. That means today I am creating blog, videos and social media posts.

When I work, I use what I called” High-intensity sprints”. I write down what I want to accomplish for the day, I break them down for results I want to accomplish in 1 hour. I execute in 1 hour intervals with 15 mins rest/prep in between. Once I start, I have 1 focus, and 1 result I am working towards. I am laser focused with what I need to accomplish. You probably noticed, I do not say to dos, I focus on what results I want to achieve. The result focused way of thinking if the accountability mindset. Ultimately, we want results, not to dos.

At the mean time, I limit my day to 2-3 outcomes. Be realistic with planning so I am not overwhelmed with workloads. The fear of failure can cause procrastination. Kee in mind, that is only apply to internal work. There are customer meetings and client work which are managed differently.

Let me give you an example.

Today theme: Creation day.

Outcome of the day: Upload a new youtube video.

Accomplishments I need to achieve:

 1.video script developed

 2.Have video recording material ready

 3.Video recorded & pictures taken

 4.Video edited and ready

 5.Video uploaded and ready for publish

Then I put deadline to them. Let’s say I start working at 9am

  1.video script developed – 10am

 2.Have video recording  3.material ready – 11am

Break & lunch

 4.Video recorded & pictures taken – 1:30pm

5.Video edited and ready – 3pm

 6.Video uploaded and ready for publish – 4pm

Once again:

Purpose+Priority +Productivity=Results.

The secret to sustainable, repeated results is Resilience. Keep repeating this formula, it helped me tremendously. I hope it will help you achieve your goals.