You went through the process of setting your goals, you are motivated and energized to get started. The question is where do you start? And how?

If you have not already, download the 2021 Goal planner.

The execution is hard because the motivation, momentum, and accountability fade over time. How many times have we signed up for a new fitness app or gym membership in Jan, and canceled a few months later? The solution is not to sign up for a different gym membership. The solution is the how-to execute your goals so it is sustainable. The method can make or break the goal execution. Here I will share with you how I integrated the agile method to help me execute my business and personal goals successfully.

Before we get started on the execution, we need to do some preparation work:

  1. Feasibility check:

Are your SMART actions feasible?

Make sure you have broken your SMART actions into small enough activities that you feel it is digestible. In another word, when you look at those activities, you feel that they are achievable. They are not to-dos that you would feel overwhelmed right away.

  1. Sustainability check:

When you follow my 6 steps to plan goals, your goals are integrated into your calendar. Use colors to manage work tasks, personal tasks, and goal tasks. Not only these steps help you commit to the goals. It also allocated time to your goal execution. Adding them to the calendar would help you manage your productivity as well. You can always allow yourself a certain amount of flexibility and move things around on the calendar as needed. Once everything is on the calendar, ask yourself is it manageable? Is your calendar a cluster mess? It needs to stay at a manageable level to be sustainable.

If it is not, go back to Step 4 and reprioritize your goals until your calendar looks like you have time to breathe. The calendar is just one of the visual tools to help you make your life easier, more organized, and productive. If you plan for chaos, your day will be chaos. That brings stress, motivation withdrawal, and frustration. Before you jump into execute your goals, make sure you are planning for a productive and manageable day.

  1. Start with what you have:

Depends on what your goal is, quite often, your solution is in the execution method, not a new shiny object that you can buy. Achieving a new goal might require something new. Such as a piece of new workout equipment, a new laptop. However, relying on the new purchase to help you achieve the goal is the wrong mentality. The execution is on YOU. Everything else is just there to support YOU. New goals don’t necessarily mean a major financial burden upfront. Invest as you go. Fully leverage what you have first. The key is to start with what you have. You probably have most of the things. Take a look at what you have and start there. Otherwise, when you get frustrated with not achieving the goals, the purchase guilt will make it worse.

For example, if your goal is to start a Youtube channel. If you have a smartphone with a camera. You are ready to start. You certainly can start with more professional equipment if you have the resources. The point is that you do not have to. Many entrepreneurs started in their living room or garage. The type of tools you have do not stop you from achieving your goals.

4. Now, we are ready to get to the execution. First of all, download the FREE Monthly Goal Execution template

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. Monthly Backlog- Go to your goal planner SMART action list, choose what you would like to work on this month. That is your monthly “backlog”. Considering the priorities and due dates, choose what you would like to focus on for the month. Always work from your goal planner. Therefore you are focused on the goals that you created these actions from.

. Weekly goal setting- From your monthly SMART actions backlog, choose 3- 5 things that you want to focus on this week.

 . Daily goals- Choose 1-3 things to focus on for the day. Do this first thing in the morning before you start the day. Go to your weekly list, simply pull 1-3 items to your day column. Caution: do not get too ambitious. Small steps. If you can accomplish 1 item a day. That is plenty of success.

 . Reflection –When Friday is here, spend 30mins to reflect. If you have activities that you did not complete this week, add them to next week’s list. However, before you simply add uncompleted tasks to the next week, take a moment to think about what stopped you from accomplishing them? It could be that you were too ambitious with the number of tasks in your day. Try to avoid that from continuing to happen. This is a process to learn about your ability to execute vs. your vision. It is a continuous learning journey. Be patient.

 . Celebration – Set a few short win points that are in the near-term that once you achieve, you can celebrate. Keep the momentum going. Every step is a milestone towards your goals. They worth celebrating.

  • Key takeaways, regardless it is personal goals or business goals, the execution is on YOU. Find the right method as enablers to help you stay motivated and accountable. Tools are your support mechanisms. A goal without execution is a dream. Let’s make that dream come true!

    “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” —Sun Tsu