Strategic business planning example

Every company wants to set a good strategic business planning example to help distinguish itself from others. A strategic business plan is not a document that any company can use as-is; a good strategic plan has different types and lengths. A basic strategic business planning example merely outlines a company’s goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics, while an advanced one extends on to cover several layers and phases. A number of aspects determine the degree to which you need to develop your strategic business planning example. They typically include company culture, the time to implement the plan, and the accountability level you need to create. This post will give you a good strategic business planning example that companies can follow to grow successfully.

Strategic Business Planning Example: Key Components

There are three levels in a strategic or operational business plan, each representing a different function. In ascending order, they cover:

Strategic Business Planning Example: Tactics, Strategies, and Objectives

To increase client satisfaction to 95% from 83% by December 31, 2021.

Strategic Business Planning Example: Tactics, Strategies, and Objectives

Strategic Business Planning Example: Strategic Goals and Themes

While tactics, strategies, and objectives make up the key components of any strategic business planning example, they are not the only items. Several plans include more levels in the hierarchy, being more robust in nature. Typically referred to as strategic goals and themes, these goals take precedence over corporate objectives. A fully developed strategic business plan appears like the strategic business planning example below:

Strategic Business Planning Example: Sample Plan

Strategic Theme: Customer Satisfaction

Goal 1: We want our clients to consider us a trusted partner

Objective 1: Raise client satisfaction from 83% to 95% by December 31, 2021.

There are several forms of a strategic business planning example, so you need to ensure you know which one suits you better. This will help you use a better approach. A one-page approach is used by many companies, while others don’t cater to certain approaches except implementing a basic strategic

structure. Making the strategic business plan is just the beginning, its implementation/execution is the actual, challenging phase.

To ensure your plan gets executed, the best way is to keep everyone engaged, giving due consideration to all its aspects. Working with a team that offers you certain advantages also helps. Once your strategic business planning example has been made, and you are ready to execute, you need to move to the implementation phase.