In Simon Sinek’s Golden circle, the WHY is the purpose and belief of the business. The HOW is the process to realize the WHY. The WHAT is the result of he WHY.

In a strategy process, the WHY provides the purpose and the focus for the team. The HOW establishes the agility of the operation and ensures the accountability of the team, The WHAT is the results that provides business resources to be sustainable, and the sense of accomplishment for the team. All three steps are surrounded by the PEOPLE. A successful strategy relies on the PEOPLE.

First of all, a successful strategy requires commitment from the PEOPLE.

Secondly, a successful strategy requires actions which carried out by the PEOPLE.

Then, a successful strategy requires discipline which comes from the PEOPLE.

Lastly, a successful strategy requires momentum which built by the PEOPLE.

The foundation that supports this strategy execution is the PEOPLE. People are the ones who believe in the WHY, execute the HOW, deliver the WHAT.