How did I GROW my business to 6 figures using 1 formula

I founded ZL consulting to help business achieve growth through value differentiation and strategy execution. I was very fortunately to be able to grow the business to 6 figures in the last year, which allows me to invest more back into the business and continue validate some of the methods and tools I am using. […]

The importance of Customer Experience

When I try to design positive experiences for my customers, I often reflect how I am as a buyer make my buying decisions first. I reflect on the entire buying journey and how I come to one decision among many compelling offers. As a buyer, some times we may not be aware of the different […]

The Ice-cream Sundae Customer Experience Story

One Friday evening, my kids asked for ice-cream sundae. They have heard their friends raving about the delicious ice-cream sundae from McDonalds. That triggered their desire to try it. We drove to the McDonald’s nearby and ordered two ice-cream sundae. Seconds later we have learned that their ice-cream machine is broken. With two disappointed sad […]

How DISC profiles embrace ACCOUNTABILITY

Implementing accountability in the team is an emotional journey. Approach it wrongly, it can quickly be associated with negative feelings as ” micro-managing” from the leader. Leaders feeling the frustration of “team not on board”. How to approach it differently in a diverse team? I often use DISC profile as a guideline in identifying roadblocks […]

Accountability is a two way street

Accountability is all about that you deliver what you promised to do, but in the eyes of others. From the definition you can see that accountability has 2 parties involved. Accountability is a two ways street. How so?  1. If you want to hold others accountable, you first have to hold yourself accountable. Accountability is […]

” I have a solid sales process, what value do you bring?”

One question I got asked often from prospects is: “We have a solid sales process, what value do you bring?” It is a valid question indeed. My answer is: “With the ‘ZL Accountability System‘, I provide you the solution that maximize the opportunities to reach your sales strategic goals, and a framework to differentiate yourself […]

A customer’s reflection- A moment of epiphany

After seeing my last blog “5 signs your team may NOT achieve the sales strategic goal “, a previous customer shared with me as below the reflection of how “ZL Accountability System” helped their team seeing what was missing in the sales strategy execution. I have to say that I felt deeply touched and motivated […]

Accountability Coach or Sales Coach?

I have been working with many sales organizations to help them with sales strategy execution. One question I got asked often especially in the introduction meetings is:” How is an Accountability Coach different from a Sales Coach?” Let me share with you my thoughts here. 1- What are the differences between Sales Coaching  & Accountability […]

5 signs your team may NOT achieve the sales strategic goal

Approaching mid year, business leaders are feeling the pressure of not achieving sales strategic goals. You have an experienced sales team and a solid sales process in place. When it comes to executing sales strategy, leaders are the ones driving the initiatives within the team. You might be wondering: What is missing?. There are 5 […]

What I learned from my mistakes -Customer Journey

What I learned from my mistakes -Customer Journey As an entrepreneur, I always seek ideas and opportunities for business. In 2018, I decided to start a business to sell on Amazon’s FBA marketplace. I did lots of research and found a niche in body shapewear. I created a brand: ZL Shapes. I sourced from manufactures […]