took some reset and reflection time to seek clarity in the business pitch. I had a moment of realization in the process and found the clarity I was looking for.

Let’s take a look at the changes first:




Achieving Business Strategy Goals and Increasing Competitive Advantage

Why did I make the change?

When I execute business strategy that I defined at the beginning of the year, I follow a continuous learning approach. I do this for my own business and for my clients. I reflect quarterly and pivot as needed. Recently I have noticed some symptoms in my customer engagements that triggered this R&R time.

I reflected last quarter’s prospects touchpoints and feedback. I feel that my business pitch doesn’t lead customer to the correct understanding of my service right away. I wanted to improve the accuracy and conversion. One issue I saw a lot was that over 50% of prospects hear my introduction immediately group my service into sales coaching. Sales coaching is not a accurate representation of my core business. My core service is to help business set, execute and achieve growth strategy goals , and help teams embrace accountability to set up for sustainable success.

I did a lot of research and asked for help from coaches and mentors.

What did I learn?

Clients look for Zero to hero state transformation. What attracts clients is being at the hero state. It is the transformations solution which leads them to their hero state is what clients want. They want it fast, effective and lean. When clients have desire to buy is when they realized that they cannot get to the hero state with the time and resources they have. My job is to take them to their desired results fast, effective and lean.

What did I change?

I made very little changes in my program. I streamlined it further to remove any inefficiencies. I want it to take clients to their results faster. What needed the most pivot is the messaging. The front cover of the service. I need more prospects to understand the service by looking at the cover and be able to relate to their needs.

How did I make the change?

I went through a value differentiation process searching for clarity:

First, I put myself in a clients shoes, looking from outside in.

1- Identify the clients zero state. Customer’s common pain points they have at zero state

2- Describe hero state. Customer’s Needs and wants achieving the hero state.

3- Analyze business value proposition. How can I help customer relieve the pain and create the gain.

Therefore I summarize with the key words that identifies my service : Growth Strategy Execution

I am sure it is not the last time I pivot. But I feel much more clarity in my value proposition. The next is to talk to the customer and validate tis pivot. Growing a business is a continuous learning process. I follow Build-Measure- Learn from the Lean Startup.