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Strategy Execution

Transforming your strategic vision into extraordinary results

“If you want better results, forget about setting goals, focus on the system instead.” – James Clear. Over 70% of business strategy fails due to execution. Having an effect system will help you realize your strategic vision and transform the strategy into tangible results. ZL Accountability System is a scalable and agile system that your team can quickly create impact with. 


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ZL Accountability System

After thorough preparation, SUCCESS comes from EXECUTION.

Over the years of leading complex project operations and growing new businesses, I have found the critical path to achieve goals. I streamlined the necessary steps into one effective execution system. This is the ZL Accountability System.

ZL Accountability System help you develop, execute and achieve your business goals.  It helps you identify the necessary steps to success. Meanwhile, it provides clarity, priority and focus. Achieving goals is not a linear process. ZL Accountability System addresses accountability in a holistic approach. It fosters a mindset of accountability within the team. Most importantly, we tailor this proven method to what fits best for you and your business. You will learn how to transform your vision into

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goals and break your goals down into actions. You are empowered to make the right decision for your business, while feeling confident about the progress. These are the key elements for repeated success.

ZL Accountability System is a combination of the 5-Step Method and Accountability Coaching.

The 5-Step Method is the foundation of ZL Accountability System. It provides structure for strategy execution which helps the team to funnel down on high impact actions in order to maximize opportunities for success.

Accountability coaching is the navigation system, keeps the team on track during the process, while foster a culture of accountability for sustainable success.

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The 5-Step Method

Executing a strategy can be daunting. Challenges are often not in ideation but in finding your way to discover the right steps to take.

The 5-Step Method is developed based on a blend of methodologies to achieve agile execution and continuous learning. The process is built on the tools you already have, empowers team engagement, and minimizes disruption. It helps to create a positive team environment that embraces transparency and accountability.

Let me help you find the fastest route to success.

Accountability Coaching

Deploying a new initiative is complex and sometimes daunting. Are your team members on board and able to focus on the most important tasks to achieve their goals? If you are struggling to get team members on board with the initiatives – We can help you along the way.

We help you develop clear expectations and a communication plan based on personality of team members. We help you develop goals, break them down into actionable plans and empower the team. Together, we will create ownership and develop an accountability system that improves collaboration and communication amongst team members and provides you full transparency of execution status towards success.

A strategy is also a change, if you have “change resistance” in the team, do not worry, we will help you identify the mindset block and help the team overcome the change resistance.

Let’s design a tailored solution for your team.

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