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OCT 5, 2021

2 REASONS business not
reaching its growth goals
The truth is: the problem is often in the execution. Let me share with you two main reasons I have seen in businesses that caused the lack of growth.

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SEP 27, 2021

How I found CLARITY in my
business pitch and PIVOT
I took some reset and reflection time to seek clarity in the business pitch.I had a moment of realization in the process and found the clarity I was looking for.

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OCT 5, 2021

How did I GROW my business to 6 figures using 1 formula
I founded ZL consulting to help business achieve growth through value differentiation and strategy execution.

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SEPT 11, 2021

The importance of
Customer Experience
When I try to design positive experiences for my customers, I often reflect how I am as a buyer make my buying decisions first.

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SEPT 10, 2021

The Ice-cream Sundae
Customer Experience Story
One Friday evening, my kids asked for ice-cream sundae. They have heard their friends raving about the delicious ice-cream sundae from McDonalds.

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JUL 26, 2021

How DISC profiles embrace
Implementing accountability in the team is an emotional journey. Approach it wrongly.

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